Design and lighting

We offer a full service design and lighting

  • Development drawings 2D/3D from sketches or photos
  • Adjustment lighting power, heat and color of the light
  • Calculating electricity consumption and structural bearing capacities
  • Continuous research of new materials and production techniques.


Research and development

We offer the service of research and development for all new lighting technologies.

  • R&D metals and mechanical moving parts and no.
  • R&D on electrical and electronic parts.
  • R&D of the LED light sources, OLED and LCD



The service includes the creation of the sample, which sometimes joins the R&D of all the molds and technical drawings acts to production, industrial or otherwise, of the articles.

  • Creating molds tailored to the production of the frames.
  • Creation of molds for the production of the glasses, which is blown to the plate.
  • Creating CAD drawings for prototyping and production.
  • Prototyping final to start production.